Rob Lerner - Dog-Gone Behavior Issues, LLC

Our Dog-Gone Teaching Philosophy

Our unique model pairs two team trainers working together during each of the six hour-long sessions, in order to provide the maximum amount of training and education. One trainer is focused on coaching your dog, while the other is focused on teaching and educating you, our client. In this way, your dog receives continuous, consistent reinforcement & you receive an explanation of the methodology as it's occurring. You are then better equipped to work with your dog between sessions & long after the program ends.

Dog-gone it, why train with us?

  • All of our trainers have one or more internationally recognized credentials as professional dog trainers from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT).
  • We are hugely committed to science-based, force-free, non-aversive education, positive reinforcement training techniques and humane equipment.
  • We take very seriously our role to educate, not punish your dog.
  • We train in real world settings - (because behavior happens in your home and outside your home).
  • We provide your dog with cognitive problem-solving opportunities.
  • We conduct confidence-building exercises designed to empower your dog & reduce behaviors associated with anxiety (ex. barking/lunging).
  • We positively reinforce alternative behaviors designed to reduce/eliminate unwanted behaviors (ex. jumping on people, counter-surfing).
  • We properly and safely expose your dog to a variety of people places, sights, sounds, surfaces and smells (to prevent his/her exhibiting fear-reactive behavior later in life). NO FLOODING.
  • We are fully insured with Business Insurers of the Carolinas.

What's in our Dog-gone took kit?

Our knowledge, experience, understanding of and skill-set in properly using science-based, non-aversive behavior modification and positive reinforcement training techniques such as:
  • Classical & Operant Counter-conditioning and desensitization.
  • Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT), Look at that (LAT), Constructional Aggression Treatment (CAT) and an IQube for puppy’s mental stimulation.
  • Clicker-training, Lure-reward, Free-shaping, Capturing.
  • Our one-of-a-kind Team Training Concept & lots of high-value treats.

What's not in our Dog-gone took kit?

  • Choke chains, prong collars, shock collars (aka e-collars), any kind of bark collar, scruff shakes, compulsion, intimidation, squirt bottles, yank and jerk techniques, any other type of physical punishment.

Dog-gone it, what's in it for you?

Services You'll receive the education and skill set required for you to fulfill your dog's daily need for physical, mental & social stimulation long after the program ends. Remember, in order for you to educate your dog, you'll need to know more about dog training than your dog; otherwise all you'll have in "your tool kit" is punishment. When you send your children to school, you expect them to learn in a low stress environment, be taught, not physically corrected, and receive a quality education from a qualified professional ... a teacher. Why should it be any different for your furry, four-legged family member?

The comfort and joy of having a well mannered, well socialized, happy, fulfilled and safe dog (around people and other dogs) cannot be overstated.

At Dog-gone Behavior Issues we look forward to introducing you & your dog to the wonderful world of education, joy & fulfillment.

Our Dog-gone Behavior Evaluation and Consultation (2 HOURS)

My team trainer and I will come to your home, identify observed behavior and discuss developing behavior patterns. We will provide you with a comprehensive Behavioral Assessment Report, which includes recommendations for balancing & fulfilling all of your dog's needs (totaling 4 trainer-hours).

Our Dog-gone Behavior Issues Course

"Educating both dog and owner." My team trainer and I will work with you and your dog in your home and the real world to provide you with the skills you'll need to continue teaching your dog long after our course ends. Teaching basic cued behaviors: sit, down, come, stay, leave-it, watch-me, polite greetings, heel, loose-leash walking, and addressing problem behavior in the home, like house-soiling, chewing, excessive barking and door dashing will be our goal. It also incorporates a number of reinforcement, education and empowerment techniques designed to build your dog's confidence and effectively address problem behavior related to fear, anxiety reactivity and aggression with people & or dogs. Positive reinforcement techniques will be used exclusively. This cutting edge course includes:Services
  • 6 Hour-long sessions* with 2 team trainers
  • K9 nutritional consultations, follow-up support & resource guidance with our team member who's very knowledgeable about K-9 health & nutrition.
  • Access to our resources, video library and professionally written articles from experts in the field.
  • Progress Reports following each hour-long session that include: timekeeping record, session summary and recommendations.
  • A professionally designed "Rapid Rewards" treat pouch with custom logo, belt strap, clicker and retractable clicker holder.

Our Dog-gone Tweener Course

One of our team trainers will come to your home, or meet you at a pre-designated location & take your dog for educational/training walks the correct way, using positive reinforcement techniques exclusively. This course is available between or following the Dog-gone Behavior Issues Course. The 30-minute sessions take place with or without you present & are designed to provide your dog with daily physical, mental & social stimulation and create more desirable patterns of behavior... perfect for busy households.

*Billable time begins upon arrival at the agreed-upon location.

We do not charge a travel fee.

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